Different types of Silk Fabric and manufacturers in India

Published: 17th August 2011
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Plain Silk Fabric is one of the widely used fabrics that receive wide application in the textile industry. Silk is obtained from silk worms, which is a protein keratin, and soft appearance. Manufacturing and processing of silk demand a great deal of handling which makes it one of the expensive fabrics.
Silk Fabric
China is leading the industry with largest production of silk. Other major silk producing countries are Japan, India and Italy.
Types of Silk
There are different types of silk fabrics; the most prevalent are Mulberry Silk, Tasar Silk, Muga Silk, Eri Silk. Given below is detailing about the different types of silk.

Mulberry Silk: It is the most popular of all silk. It is obtained from the worm called Bombyx mori L that completely feeds on the leaves of mulberry plant. Mulberry silk is the top most commercially used silk.

Tasar Silk: Tasar silk or Tussah silk is basically used in home furnishing items like curtains. It is obtained from the silk worm called k worm, Antheraea mylitta which feed on Arjun and Asan plant. Tasar Silk bears copper color and it is less lustrous than the mulberry silk. Another finer variety of Tasar Silk is obtained from the worm called Antheraea proyeli J. found on natural oak wood plant.

Muga Silk: Muga Silk is a rare one exclusively produced in Assam, India. It is a golden yellow colored silk widely used in manufacturing the traditional dress of Assam. Itís a very costly silk obtained from Antheraea assamensis silkworms found on Sorn and Soalu plant.

Eri Silk: Eri silk, also called Endi or Errandi, is obtained from Philosamia ricini silkworms are reared on castor leaves.

From these four basic categories of silk, there are various other types of silk also like: Chiffon, China Silk, Charmeuse, Jauquard, Noil, Raw Silk, Organza silk, Cotton silk, Crepe silk, Bracade silk, Taffetasilk, Thai silk, Satin silk and Blended silk.

Use of Silk in Fashionable and Traditional Clothing

Silk Fibers are highly preferred in the designing of fashionable as well traditional garments. Silk cloths can be expensive compared to other fabrics but always in high demand. The Softness of silk and its friendliness to the skin makes it the most sought after fabric. Further, silk offers a wide scope for experimentation and can be stitched easily to make very fashionable dress. Haute Couture designers give high preference to silk fiber in designing the customized dresses. You can get cheap and best wedding dress manufacturers in India. Further, silk is also proffered for its color brightness. The natural glow in the silk makes a silk dress very much eye catching. Dresses made of real silk almost glimmer out of their natural brightness. Silk Fiber is also used in making traditional Indian Dresses, especially Saree. Silk Sarees are known world wide. They are available in different designs and colors.

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